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SATURN – POWER BUDS promotes larger, heavier, and denser flowers. Containing phosphorus and potassium in their bio-available forms, SATURN gives you the correct ratios needed to build a bigger, higher quality yield; the perfect bloom booster.

During flowering, your plant will require extra potassium. You will typically increase potassium levels at the same time, or right after, increasing phosphorus and decreasing nitrogen at the end of pre-flowering when the plant has stopped growing. From there on out, the plant will focus entirely on bud production. Extra phosphorus and potassium will now be important as these minerals play an important role in bud size, flavour, and overall development.

COMPOSITION: Potassium sulphate, monopotassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, whey protein, citric acid, ascorbic acid; 

22.0 % P2O5

42.0 % K2O

6.6 % SO3

Application: Dissolve 90 g in 300 L

Feeding: 1g = 3,3 L

Powder Usage Guidelines:

  • Mix 1 gram of powder with 3,3 liters of water.
  • Dissolve the powder in water at a temperature of 30°C.
  • Allow the solution to sit for 2 hours or use it the next day.
  • Preferably, use reverse osmosis (RO) or distilled water for the mixture.
  • Store the solution in a dry place.

A measuring spoon of 1g. is included in the package.

It is recommended to apply twice per week during the bloom phase (weeks 2 to 5).