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ATLAS – TERRA ENZYMES introduces enzymes – cellulase and xylanase – to the root zone which dissolves dead roots and thus increases the aeration of substrates. Enzymes play a crucial role in dissolving organic matter. This is extremely important for the recycling of nutrients. Overall, enzymes ease the absorption of all compounds plants need to reach their full potential. By simply including this enzyme solution into your plants’ feeding schedule you can turn what would otherwise remain in your soil as waste into an actual fuel for plants. 

In practice, during intensive growth in a closed system, a combination of microorganisms and enzymes causes faster and more powerful results compared to the separate use of microorganisms. 

COMPOSITION: enzymes – cellulase, xylanase

Application: Dissolve 15 g in 750 L water

Feeding: 1g = 50 L

Powder Usage Guidelines:

  • Mix 1 gram of powder with 50 liters of water.
  • Dissolve the powder in water at a temperature of 30°C.
  • Allow the solution to sit for 2 hours or use it the next day.
  • Preferably, use reverse osmosis (RO) or distilled water for the mixture.
  • Store the solution in a dry place.

A measuring spoon of 1g. is included in the package.

Apply the product twice per week during the late growth phase (weeks 3 and 4) to early blooming (weeks 5, 6, 7).